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»Start packing Sanise. We got to get out of here.«
»So, how was the night? Nimri came back all excited, but wouldn't say anything«
»Because he still can't talk«

We quickly packed our things and set off. At the edge of the forest I looked back at the city again.
»Why do we have to leave? Was the night so bad?«
»No, it wasn't« I answered her and whispered »not at all«
»Oh - my - God« Sanise yelled »You like that boy« and stared at me expectantly, while Nimri made a sound like I've never heard from him before
»Everything okay little man?« I asked while I held a cave cricket out to him, which he devoured immediately.
»Yes, I do« I sighed quietly as I looked towards the city »And that's why we have to go« I ordered and went further into the forest.

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[…] I was just sitting at the table, a young Tiefling with a tight top and a small brown jacket jumped around me, whose energy seemed to be endless and didn't even let me answer a question. »You ar
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> OT: This contribution describes the events between [Uktar 18, 1360DR](https://teleyal.blog/journal/1360dr-uktar-18) and [Uktar 20, 1360DR](https://teleyal.blog/journal/1360dr-uktar-20) from the vie
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Her second name was the name of her maternal grandmother Isur'Ra Baivneth. She can speak Drow incl. sign language (learned from her mother), common (learned from her father), elven and undercommon l
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Born in the overworld, she knows nothing about the Underdark and will annoy Naldela with many, many questions. Because she's very young, she tries a lot of new things, i.e. finding her sexuality with trying to seduce Naldela. She left her parents behind to follow Naldela to her adventures.

Later she got a crush on Ykril, which benefits Nimri, who is totally crushed with Naldela. But Sanise and Nimri will be disappointed, when they realize that Naldela and Ykril attract each other like magnets.

Her biggest dream is to explore the Underdark.

Race: Tiefling
Age: 20 cycles (born 1341 DR)
Eye color: red
Height: 1.65m (5ft 4.96in)
Weight: 45.7kg (100.75lb)
Cup size: A
Most conspicuous character trait: Energized, playful, likes to cuddle

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As I pressed myself against the window to take a closer look at the dress, someone patted me on the shoulder. A young man, apparently a human being, with bright blue eyes looked at me nervously and o
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> Nervously I slipped into the dress a messenger brought me a few days ago. I still could not believe that he gave me this dress. Flushed I tried to ignore the whistle and comments as I walked throug
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Before I publish the entry tomorrow, I want to spoiler a bit more about it. ��

[…] I could hardly keep my eyes open and fell asleep briefly every now and then, but the spikes they attached to the clamps of the chains and the fork they had attached to my neck had kept me awake for days. When I looked up briefly, I saw a man with wings and a softly glowing aura standing in front of my cell door looking at me. I have heard of the Aasimar, but I've never seen one before. […]

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»Your damned messenger has surely gotten lost« the Tiefling shouted to Tarlyn »The Drow costs us nothing but food and patience. She is rebellious, uncooperative and she spits on us every time we get close enough.« - »Sounds like the perfect woman for you« Tarlyn mocked towards the Tiefling, who then made noises as if he was going to be sick. […]

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[…] When the voices got louder, I passed out. Judging by the footsteps and the creaking of the door, they entered the room and seemed to pattern me. »Do you think they'd buy the Drow as a slave?« the Minion asked his master, who apparently just grumbled. »Otherwise we'll just keep her. As a toy and« he went on »other pleasures« it sounded excitedly from him. »I'll give you other pleasures right away« I shouted indignantly to the little bastard, whereupon the Tiefling only began to laugh.