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[…] When the voices got louder, I passed out. Judging by the footsteps and the creaking of the door, they entered the room and seemed to pattern me. »Do you think they'd buy the Drow as a slave?« the Minion asked his master, who apparently just grumbled. »Otherwise we'll just keep her. As a toy and« he went on »other pleasures« it sounded excitedly from him. »I'll give you other pleasures right away« I shouted indignantly to the little bastard, whereupon the Tiefling only began to laugh.

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I've collected all references of my OC Naldela. Most ppl don't need them, but I think, it's much more easy for all the artists I commission.
References for my other OCs will come soon. Some of them are still in "development".

Finished art of Naldela can be found on the Website.
Please take a look to the published characterfacts about Naldela too.


Tear of the Virgin potion: https://files.bka.li/s/3nTarNSCx9GfCnF

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My rescuer brought me to a young woman who took care of me in an unprecedented way, although I am a Drow. The last I heard from him was »Please take very good care of her, little sister. She had a rough time.« - »But she is a Drow – and pregnant« - »It doesn't matter!«

A little later I woke up alone in the room, tried to sit up, grabbed gently my swollen belly and started to murmur shakily »I don't want this baby« […]

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I slowly crept through the crowd and stood at the edge of the dance floor. While I paid attention to the dancers as they moved to the music, I waited for my companion. The one whose fault it is that I am now on this meat inspection. It didn't take him long either, as he came towards me from the dance floor and held out a hand. »But I cannot dance« I whispered embarrassedly, whereupon he only smiled and quietly said »Me neither«.

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This scene will be available on teleyal.blog more detailed when the timeline comes to this point.

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We talked for a very long time over cheese, grapes, bread, ham and wine, until at dusk he came up with the idea of going swimming. «But I didn't bring any things to swim» I said in surprise, after which he was all, «So what? I don't either» and started to took his clothes off. The more this black-haired Drow undressed, the more he attracted me. I shook my head slightly, whispered «What kind of thoughts are these?», bit my lower lip and kept watching him.

Comming later on teleyal.blog

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Frustrated, I started to wrap the cloth and just at the moment when a part of the crystal became visible, my staff flew towards me and hit me on the head. "Vith nindol shu" I cursed loudly and took a closer look at the crystal while I could see in the corner of my eye how Nimri was curling on the ground laughing.

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Claudia Crane is a creature who's able to transform between Ghoul and human as she wishes. She was hired by large houses of the underworld to hunt Naldela, for her attack on the Magic Academy and killing its directors.

Race: Ghoul
Age: 27 cycles (born 1333 DR)
Eye color: Green in her human form, glowing violet in her Ghoul form
Height: 1.83m (6ft 0.05in)
Weight: 73.1kg (161.2lb)
Cup size: B
Most conspicuous character trait: Hungry, aggressive

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At the age of only a few months he was abandoned at Sheandril, where he was taken in and raised by Akim and Kira Rëihlar.

Race: Aasimar
Age: 38 (born 1322 DR)
Eye color: Blue/Grey
Height: 1.77m (5ft 9.69in)
Weight: 89.1kg (196.43lb)
Most conspicuous character trait: peaceful, introverted

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Her second name was the name of her paternal grandmother Zolia Teleyal.

Race: Human/Drow hybrid
Age: 43 cycles (born 1317 DR)
Eye color: Red iris on white eye ball
Height: 1.69m (5ft 6.54in)
Weight: 70.4kg (155.21lb)
Cup size: B
Most conspicuous character trait: Aggressive, Feisty

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