Characterfacts: Nimri
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After he got found and rescued from starvation by Naldela, he started to follow her everywhere. His character traits are inspired by Momo from Last Airbender. His greatest fondness besides food is spying and suddenly appearing in places where he's absolutely not expected.

Race: Bewitched Lizard 
Bewitched before: 2 cycles (born 1359DR) 
Eye color: Green 
Length: ~12cm 
Height: ~5cm 
Weight: 85g 
Most conspicuous character trait: Crazy, crush on Naldela

Art by Aunyx


So far he did not show any magical abilities, but he always collected food very generously. Where he took it from, however, is still unknown at this time.

Pre: Often used drowish words and phrases

Next: [Spoiler] Nightal 8, 1360 DR

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