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Born in the overworld, she knows nothing about the Underdark and will annoy Naldela with many, many questions. Because she's very young, she tries a lot of new things, i.e. finding her sexuality with trying to seduce Naldela. She left her parents behind to follow Naldela to her adventures.

Later she got a crush on Ykril, which benefits Nimri, who is totally crushed with Naldela. But Sanise and Nimri will be disappointed, when they realize that Naldela and Ykril attract each other like magnets.

Her biggest dream is to explore the Underdark.

Race: Tiefling
Age: 20 cycles (born 1341 DR)
Eye color: red
Height: 1.65m (5ft 4.96in)
Weight: 45.7kg (100.75lb)
Cup size: A
Most conspicuous character trait: Energized, playful, likes to cuddle

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