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[…] When the voices got louder, I passed out. Judging by the footsteps and the creaking of the door, they entered the room and seemed to pattern me. »Do you think they'd buy the Drow as a slave?« the Minion asked his master, who apparently just grumbled. »Otherwise we'll just keep her. As a toy and« he went on »other pleasures« it sounded excitedly from him. »I'll give you other pleasures right away« I shouted indignantly to the little bastard, whereupon the Tiefling only began to laugh.

references list naldela art dnd fantasy oc original character    2020-08-06 14:22:58    55    0    0

I've collected all references of my OC Naldela. Most ppl don't need them, but I think, it's much more easy for all the artists I commission.
References for my other OCs will come soon. Some of them are still in "development".

Finished art of Naldela can be found on the Website.
Please take a look to the published characterfacts about Naldela too.


Tear of the Virgin potion: https://files.bka.li/s/3nTarNSCx9GfCnF

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My rescuer brought me to a young woman who took care of me in an unprecedented way, although I am a Drow. The last I heard from him was »Please take very good care of her, little sister. She had a rough time.« - »But she is a Drow – and pregnant« - »It doesn't matter!«

A little later I woke up alone in the room, tried to sit up, grabbed gently my swollen belly and started to murmur shakily »I don't want this baby« […]

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In my adventures I like to use translations to Drow. But you don't have to learn the whole language, because I'll list the most used words and phrases here for you:

Vith nindol shuFuck this shit
EchkHi, Hello
F'sarn taudl, ilhar. Usstan'bal ori'gato dos harl.I'm sorry, mother. I have disappointed you.

rp drow fantasy oc spoiler    2020-07-11 19:45:22    9    0    0

We had been back in the village for some time and apparently I gained the trust of many a person after I brought the child back. Even the child is still following me, for whatever reason. Although I didn't get the promised 20 gold pieces, it was enough to buy a small, finely cut crystal from a travelling merchant. […]

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